Nowhere Festival 2019

We are going to build a Lisbon based art & maker camp/barrio at Nowhere, the unofficial Burning Man regional festival in Spain. It will be named 'People from Other Planets'. For the Temp Studioists amongst you, it may be a little like Temp Studio, but with more dust! This is a great festival for art and cultural experimentation, and our community really ought to be represented there.

Our purpose is to:

Art grants

The Nowhere Festival offers art grants up to 3000 Euros:

"It is our aim to support diverse, eclectic and inspiring art projects. We strive to have a balance of physical, performance and static art. We encourage both experienced and less experienced artists to apply"

If you'd like to get funding for an art project, apply separately - the closing date for 2019 applications is 15th May. Funded or not, all art projects are welcomed anyway!

What is Nowhere?

"Described as a 'festival', an 'arts event' and 'a Burning Man regional', Nowhere is the culmination of the music, languages, art, outfits, workshops, words, parties and people of a diverse, international community."

What makes Nowhere (and Burning Man) special is that it is a festival built by its participants. The organizers provide the basics: layout; sanitation; and essential services; but this is just the canvas onto which the citizens of Nowhere can draw their visions.

Most people get together into camps - known as Barrios - this makes sorting out the necessities at the Festival that much easier. Every camp has its own personality and history, some have been around for a long time and are major landmarks at Nowhere, others may be newer / smaller or more obscure. There are sound camps, art camps, wellness camps etc etc - but as yet there is no Lisbon based camp, so this is what we hope to build, with emphasis on the new media art that we do.

What others say:

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Camp fees include:

Nowhere is commerce free - it is not possible to spend money there! Once you have arrived at our camp everything you need to survive is provided, and all activities and entertainment across the festival are zero charge. The Nowhere Festival offers a special bus service from Zaragoza and Barcelona train stations and airports, and we also hope to organise car sharing from Lisbon.

We are looking for 10-15 people, if you are interested get in touch with
Rob - or Tiago -